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Buccaneers vs. Jets: Which New York Jet would you like to see in a Tampa Bay uniform?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers face off

Al Bello

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already managed to add the New York Jets' best player this offseason in Darrelle Revis. But who else would you like to see join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Which New York Jet would really improve the Bucs? It's not just a fun exercise -- it helps see where the Jets are weak, and where they are strong.

Gang Green Nation have their version of the article up on their website, too. I have some opinions, and I'll go through a few names -- but let us know your choices in the comments, too.


All the Jets cornerbacks. Why stop at Darrelle Revis? Well, not all of them. But Antonio Cromartie has played very well the past two years, and would be a good addition for any team. Pair him with Revis, and you have two cornerbacks who can excel in man coverage. Which was what the Jets did in 2010 and 2011, with quite a lot of success.

The other cornerback who could help the Bucs would be Dee Milliner. The highest drafted cornerback this year, Milliner is an all-around coverage player with all the tools to be a very solid NFL starter. He has more quickness and fluidity than Johnthan Banks, and much more ability than Leonard Johnson

Wide Receivers

Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill. For as few receiving weapons as the Jets have, they do have some talented players who could help out the Bucs. You know, toward the bottom of the roster. Kerley's a reliable receiver and punt returner, and could help the Bucs in both areas. He put up a respectable 827 receiving yards on 56 catches last year, and should be able to beat out Kevin Ogletree.

Stephen Hill I'd just want around to develop. He has tremendous physical talent, and he could be dominant down the line, but right now he's not there and he'd struggle to get on the field for the Bucs.

Nick Mangold

What, more talent on the offensive line? Another All-Pro? Oh yes, please. An All-Pro center to pair with an All-Pro guard and another Pro Bowl guard? Can you say dominant? I'd love to see that. Too bad the rest of the Jets offensive line isn't up to his quality. Maybe 'too bad' is the wrong word for a Bucs fan, though.

David Harris

David Harris has a ridiculous contract. He's an inside linebacker earning, I kid you not, $9 million per year. Wow. But that aside, he's a terrific, terrific player. He'd be an instant upgrade over Mason Foster, and he could help mitigate the weakness of the linebacker corps against the pass.

Do you have any other players who you'd add to the Buccaneers? Which players could really help the team?

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