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If Greg Schiano is responsible for Josh Freeman leaks, he should be fired

The drama has been so bad this season, that alone may be enough justification to fire Greg Schiano.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been the cause and center of a lot of drama this year. A lot of drama. But the latest bit of drama is bad enough that someone should feel the consequences for leaking something, if someone within the Bucs organization is responsible.

Let's go through the ridiculous amount of drama we've had to watch this year. And yes, it's ridiculous.

Maybe Schiano isn't responsible for most or even any of those stories. But you know what? The fact that everyone assumes he's the bad guy is an indictment in and of itself. We can't say it isn't warranted at this point, either. There's too much smoke for there not to be at least a few fires. And ultimately, this is happening on Greg Schiano's watch, and we haven't seen any public consequences for any of those leaks.

When it comes to leaking confidential medical information of players, consequences need to happen. Greg Schiano should be doing everything in his power to find out whether anyone at One Buc Place is responsible for these leaks. And so should the Glazers. At this point, this affects their entire franchise.

Firing Greg Schiano might not fix their on-field problems, but if he is the reason for all this drama -- and it certainly looks that way -- I have no qualms saying that he should be fired. If he is not responsible for this, he should be making a strong public statement, and not the usual "we don't talk about that" waffling.

I can't remember ever being this embarrassed because of this organization. Not when they lost seven straight to start the season in 2009. Not when they lost 10 straight games to end the 2011 season. This goes way beyond the on-field product, which hasn't exactly been good, either. This strikes at the heart of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and if someone with the team is responsible, there should be immediate consequences.

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