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Josh Freeman reportedly in stage one of NFL drug program

Josh Freeman is in the drug program, but has never tested positively for banned street-drugs.


According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Josh Freeman is in stage one of the NFL's drug program, but is not close to suspension. In stage one, players undergo more regular drug tests than usual. Players could be placed in the drug program for a number of reasons, including behavioral reasons, and the medical director determines the length of the stay.

According to ESPN, Freeman has not tested positive for any banned street-drugs and has not had any incidents that he could have faced suspension for. Freeman has a temporary use exemption for a prescription drug, per ESPN. It's not clear why, exactly, Freeman is in stage one of the drug program.

None of this is likely to affect Josh Freeman's trade value, which is pretty low anyway given his large contract and current bitter breakup with the Bucs. With Mike Glennon being the starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, the Bucs need to find a way to move on from Freeman.

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