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Dashon Goldson will not be suspended for hit against Cardinals

The Buccaneers can breathe easy with their All-Pro safety not facing suspension.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dashon Goldson will not be suspended for his hit on Jaron Brown late in the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Arizona Cardinalsaccording to Rick Stroud. Goldson might still face a fine for the hit, but that seems unlikely given the fact that it appeared to be a perfectly legal hit.

Goldson has been fined $130,000 for two hits this season, and at one point faced a one-game suspension which was lifted on appeal. Goldson has said that he is trying to change his playing style to fit within the rules, and his hit against Jaron Brown seems to fit with that.

Goldson did see a flag thrown and a 15-yard penalty assessed on that play, although it likely didn't affect the outcome of the game given the fact that the Cardinals were already well within chip shot field goal range at that point. Referees are told to err on the side of assessing penalties in these instances.

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