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Fantasy Football Sit/Start Advice: Buccaneers Edition

Which Tampa Bay Buccaneers should you sit and start this week?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Doug Martin: One of the top overall fantasy performers in 2012 and the consensus second or third overall fantasy draft pick this year. If you don't start him, you may want reevaluate your draft strategies.

Vincent Jackson: A third- to fourth-round wide receiver. Yes, you're starting him. He will get his targets and he will produce, going up against his former teammate Antonio Cromartie. Why would you contemplate sitting him?

Buccaneers defense: A second-round, rookie quarterback in his first start with an iffy offensive line and no receiving targets going up against Darrelle Revis and Dashon Goldson. Yes, the Bucs defense was kind of awful against the pass last year, but they should be improved -- and the Jets offense should be one of the best overall matchups in the NFL this year.


Josh Freeman: Rex Ryan puts up top 10 defenses every single season. The last time Freeman faced him, he produced 93 yards, 3 interceptions and 3 sacks. Sure, that was Freeman as a rookie and the Jets defense with Darrelle Revis. While Ryan doesn't have Revis and Freeman is much better now, the Jets have a lot of capable defensive linemen this time around and Antonio Cromartie stepped up last year. This will be a challenging matchup, and Freeman should be a matchup quarterback only for you.

Mike Williams: Josh Freeman sitting is why you don't start Mike Williams. Williams was very touchdown-dependent as a viable fantasy target last season, and he'll likely be so again this season. That makes every week a little bit of a gamble in starting or sitting him, but there's little reason to believe he'll be overly productive this week. The Bucs will run the ball, a lot, and there's a good chance this will resemble a blowout, which means they'll it a lot more at the end of the game.

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