Observations on the FIRE SCHIANO FIRE SCHIANO FIRE SCHIANO Ragefest 09/29/13 with poll

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The following presentation contains foul language, violence, vivid depictions of human suffering, and scenes unsuitable for younger viewers. Parents are advised to be careful in allowing their children to continue watching during this broadcast. Bucs Nation apologizes in advance for any persons who may end up going mad from the rage-induced trauma. Thank you for being Bucs fans, and thank you for rioting in the streets to protest Greg Schiano's very existence.

1) So benching Josh Freeman due to the fact Freeman can't do much with this Bucs' offense. We send out rookie QB Mike Glennon... who pretty much can't do much with this Bucs' offense. We didn't change a goddamn thing because of one fact: Greg Schiano is still the coach making the stupid dumb playcalls and failing to make adjustments week in week out to find ways of getting the playmakers - Martin, Jackson, Williams - to get us the points the Bucs need to win.


2) Bucs actually played quite well early on, getting a lot of decent plays out of the aggressive defense such as sacks and turnovers, with one fumble converting into a decent First Quarter touchdown. But due to the fact that the coaches fail to improve on the playcalling, any early success for the offense quickly disappears into a series of short drives that end up as punts.


2a) I pity Doug Martin. His was the dirtiest jersey by halftime, getting constantly called on to make run plays behind an offensive line that wasn't doing a very good job of blocking. With FB Lorig in and out with injury woes during the game, Martin didn't have a decent blocker up front opening up lanes for him. The few times the Bucs tried to pitch outside, Martin had no blockers at all and nowhere to go.


2b) When your third down receiver consistently fails to find the proper side of the first down marker to be on (the side that's 2-3 yards further downfield dammit), there's a problem with the route placement. There's a problem with the plays being called. There's a problem with the coaches not working on this more during practices.


3) I don't blame Glennon for the lousy fourth quarter he had. He's a rookie: a veteran CB like Peterson was bound to abuse him for turnovers at some point. But if Glennon is showing the same problem Freeman had - staring down receivers - there's a common source of woe: the damn QB coach is not coaching well.


4) Gerald McCoy opened this game like a Pro-Bowl defensive tackle, with a roaring QB sack. He played an outstanding game for much of the day, bringing QB pressure, almost getting an INT at the line... it's a pity it all got wasted in a loss.


4a) I think the zone defense on the passing game is still not what best suits some of our talent, but Darrelle Revis and Johnthan Banks at least got some INTs out of it. PITY THE OFFENSE COULDN'T DRIVE THE BALL MUCH AT THAT POINT IN THE GAME.


5) The only good thing we could really say about the day? The Bucs did a better job on Third Down Conversions (7 of 18) than the Cardinals (1 of 10). Thing was, most of those Third Down converts were in the First Half for the Bucs. I think we only had 1 conversion for all of the Second Half.


5a) Edited in: I just remembered, at the end of the game when the Cardinals did their Victory snaps to run out the clock, Schiano went back to being a dick calling for a blitz to disrupt the snaps. Yes, Schiano is still the league's biggest douchebag.


6) In other NFL News, nobody has fired Schiano yet the teams challenging the Bucs for top overall draft pick in 2014 remain the Jaguars, the Giants and the Steelers ('Skins haven't played yet). If there's any team in worse shape than Tampa, it's Jacksonville. The odds of two teams going 0-16 are pretty high right about now (the Giants and Steelers are NOT that bad: they're bound to win at least one or two games... at least).

6a) If the 'Skins stay this bad, just remember St. Louis has their draft pick for 2014. So it REALLY sucks to be a Washington fan right about now. At least they don't have Schiano coaching them.

6b) We might have a Seattle - Miami Super Bowl at this rate. The Long Distance Bowl (two farthest teams to travel to on the continent). Unfortunately, neither of those teams have fired Schiano yet.

7) In college football news, Lane Kiffin was fired. Dear Glazers: when you FIRE SCHIANO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT HIRE KIFFIN AS THE REPLACEMENT.

7a) Tennessee Vols fans might feel bad about having another weak year, but they have to be the happiest fans on the earth right now because Kiffin finally got his ass fired and most likely will not coach anywhere ever again.

7b) There is no South Florida football team. They are just a mirage, an illusion of 15 years.

8) In baseball news, Rays THANK GOD won today - dammit why so close? - and so clinched at least a tie for a wild card spot. They may have to play an extra game just to get into the wild card extra game. It'd have been cleaner if they had fewer losing streaks during the season, but ah well AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT COACHED BY SCHIANO.

9) In hockey news, the Tampa Bay Lightning should plan ahead and not hire Schiano to coach them. Ever.

10) Turns out the Buc who had the best week was Josh Freeman after all. He's got clear evidence he was NOT THE PROBLEM with the team.


Welcome to the Bye Week, where we'll have nothing else to talk about but FIRING SCHIANO.



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