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Josh Freeman Trade Rumors: Packers would be "intriguing option"

Josh Freeman could be a Green Bay Packer by the end of this season.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The Josh Freeman trade rumor mill continues to run wild. According to NFL Network's Michael Silver, the Green Bay Packers would be an an "intriguing option" for Josh Freeman, via Ian Rapoport. Silver cites opposing general managers as the sources for this speculation, and he's not reporting that there's any concrete interest.

The Packers currently have Seneca Wallace as their backup quarterback after having Vince Young in the building for most of the offseason. Green Bay could use a good backup in case Aaron Rodgers goes down. The Packers also have a good history of developing quarterbacks, and would be a good destination for Freeman, who needs to fix some parts of his game.

Of course, the Packers are unlikely to give up much in the form of draft picks for Freeman, and they won't have much interest in taking on Freeman's $6.3 million salary (after today's game), either. The Bucs will likely have to take on some of Freeman's salary themselves if they want to find a trade partner for the former starting quarterback. Whether Freeman will consent to that if he's going somewhere to be a backup remains to be seen.

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