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Buccaneers owners reportedly support Greg Schiano


The Buccaneers owners support head coach Greg Schiano, Ian Rapoport said on NFL Gameday Morning. According to Rapoport, the Glazers realize that Schiano had to clear up the mess left by the previous regime under Raheem Morris. And here I thought that cleaning up is what happened last year.

The fact that ownership has to support their head coach just three games into the season isn't a good sign, of course, but the Glazers have generally been patient owners when it comes to head coaches. They have never fired a head coach prior to the end of a season, and they're unlikely to start this season.

Whether the Glazers' support holds up if the season continues to spiral out of control remains to be seen, however. At 0-3, the Buccaneers need to start winning and it's hard to imagine Greg Schiano keeping his job without at least a couple of wins this year. There's still plenty of time for Schiano to get those wins, however.

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