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Josh Freeman reportedly lost Buccaneers locker room, Glennon a better leader

Josh Freeman has lost the Tampa Bay locker room, and has no trade value. Harsh words.

Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

At half time of Thursday Night Football, Ian Rapoport reported that Josh Freeman has already lost the Tampa Bay Buccaneers locker room. Rapoport noted that the Bucs players already believe that Mike Glennon is a better leader -- which is a pretty harsh statement on Freeman's

All of this fits with what everyone else has reported: players were maybe surprised, but we haven't heard a peep of disagreement out of the locker room. Whether or not Glennon is better, the Bucs apparently aren't too sad that Freeman is out of the picture.

Meanwhile, Michael Silver reported on the same show that Freeman has effectively no trade value due to his large base salary which is effectively guaranteed. Silver noted that his trade value may increase if the Bucs are willing to eat some of his cap charge, and it would make sense for them to do so. The Vikings are reportedly interested, but don't have anywhere close to the cap space necessary to add him to the roster.

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