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DLT's Deadlocks - NFL Picks Week 4

Will the Bucs get their first win this week?

Jonathan Daniel

Hey there folks. Still battling a nasty cold but I'm fighting through it. My picks last week looked like they needed some Nyquil. Tampa Bay going into Foxboro and beating the Patriots? Yeah, right.  The Giants beating the Panthers? 38 reasons why they didn't. Minnesota taking advantage of the quitting Browns? Uh, someone forgot to tell Cleveland they're playing for next year. Jacksonville not scoring more than 2 points? Surprise!

So while I try to recover in body and spirit, here's my picks for Week 4 of the National Football League.

Last Week: 9-7 56% Upset Specials: 1-1 50%

Season: 33-17 66% Upset Specials: 3-3 50%

On Bye: Panthers, Packers

Thursday Night

49ers 23, Rams 20 - Oh are the Scams a pain the backside for the San Francisco Kaepernicks. I told you folks that Colin's star would come back to terra firma a little bit and the last two weeks have been a bit humbling for Mr. Greatest Quarterback with Tats. Still, the 49ers at 1-3? Nah, I can't see that.


Ravens 20, Bills 10 - Say it with me everyone, "Nobody circles the drain like the Buffalo Bills." Seriously though, the Bills have been ultra competitive this season and the Ravens have been struggling in their Super Bowl afterglow. With that said, B-more's defense is beginning to come around.

Bengals 27, Browns 20 - I've professed my love for the Bengals multiple times this season. It has nothing to do with Hard Knocks, I thought they had a solid football team before the HBO reality show. Cleveland? Not so much.

Bears 26, Lions 20 - I wrestled with this one a bit. With the Cowardly Ones at home, it's not going to be an easy game but I have to admit, I'm thoroughly impressed with the work Mr. Trestman has done with Chicago.

Chiefs 28, Giants 13 - The Chiefs were a very talented team last season that couldn't win because an ineffective quarterback and a substandard coach. Gee, where have I heard that before? Meanwhile in New Jersey, maybe the Giants offense isn't one you should be emulating.

Vikings 20, Steelers 17 - Christian Ponder may not play this week for the Vikes. So I'm picking them.

Buccaneers 16, Cardinals 13 - I was once called a Freepologist. Now am I a Glennon Groupie?

Colts 40, Jacksonville 2 - The quest for 0-16 and Teddy Bridgewater continues.

Seahawks 28, Texans 17 - Houston's a bit banged up and the Seahags are playing better than anyone else in the NFC.

Upset Special: Jets 20, Titans 13 - Both the Jests and the Flaming Thumbtacks have been surprise 2-1 teams. I think Rex's defense is the difference in this one.

Broncos 56, Eagles 24 - Take the over...and god forbid you face Peyton Manning this week in fantasy football.

Redskins 27, Raiders 17 - Normally I wouldn't take the East Coast team heading out to the West coast - but it's the Raiders so...

Upset Special #2: Chargers 23, Cowboys 17 - Phillip Rivers and the Superchargers have been surprisingly competitive this season. They could be 3-0. The Cowboys are the tallest munchkin in the NFC Least. They may win the division at 7-9.

Sunday Night

Patriots 23, Falcons 13 - Could the Atlanta Falcons start the season 1-3? The magic 8-ball says "signs point to yes".

Monday Night

Saints 30, Dolphins 20 - Who knew this would be the first marquee matchup on the Monday Night schedule? Dolphins have played great this season but going into the Superdome on a Monday Night? Difficult.