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Schiano Press Conference: "Mark and I believe this gives us the best chance to win today."

In a press conference that was broadcast live on NFL Network Greg Schiano stood at his podium and stood by his decision to bench Josh Freeman. Check out this article for the best quotes from the presser and some snap analysis on what was really being said.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

"Mark Dominik and I spent a lot of time together, in some intense meetings. Trying to decide what's best for our football team. We got with our ownership, and we came to a conclusion as a group, and we made the decision organizationally that we're going to make a change at quarterback. And now Mike Glennon is our quarterback.

- As previously reported, everybody in the building gave this move their blessing.

"Mark and I believe that this gives us the best chance to win today. We've lost eight of nine games, and haven't played particularly well on offense in the last nine games. Although it's not completely the quarterback's fault. I understand that. That position touches the ball every play. So, that's where we are."

- So, they really truly believe that Glennon gives them a better shot to win against the Cardinals. Of course if they were tanking the season, they couldn't come right out and say it or the fans would revolt.

On the decision to bench Freeman now instead of after bye:

"It is beneficial I think, in the fact that Mike will get to play a game and then have a week of bye week to really decipher through it and learn from the experience before he has to play his next game. That's a side benefit of the decision, but it wasn't by any means the reason it was made now. We felt that at this time that Mike Glennon gives us the best chance to win."

- At this point I really start to believe him. He knows he has to win this season, and giving Glennon a start vs. the Cardinals is much better chance at initial success and positive vibes with the fanbase than having him come out of bye versus high flying Philly.

On sitting down with Dominik and making the decision:

"We agree, as we do on almost everything."

- Funny how often Schiano managed to tie Mark Dominik into this decision in just one ten minute press conference. He did a good job of assuring that if the ship does go down. He won't be offered up as the sacrificial lamb like Morris was. Dominik and Schiano are tied together.

On the difference between Glennon and Freeman:

"I'm not going to get into comparisons as to what can he do that Josh wasn't doing. I'm not going to go there. What I'll tell you is that Mike is a smart, tough football player who loves the game. I think he works extremely hard. I think he will go out and try to do what we're coaching him to do. He's not going to be perfect. No one is, but I think he's gonna try to execute to the best of his ability with what we're asking him to do with the game plan. I think he'll be accurate, and he'll go out and do it."

- This is the first of two times in which Schiano praised Glennon as smart and hard working, which implies that Freeman isn't if that is what the main difference is. From the sound of things Freeman really checked himself out this year. Schiano also implies that Freeman wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing as far as execution of the offense goes.

"Mike's our starting quarterback from this point forward."

- No turning back. Freeman is done, although Schiano did go on to say that Freeman is the #2 this week, so if Glennon is injured we could see #5 once again.

On whether or not the off field problems played into Freeman's benching:

"It's a performance based decision. It's a performance based business. Everything goes into people's performance in my belief. So, I'm not going to sit here and say 50% is this or 70% is that. We're not getting the job done."

- So, yes.

On Freeman being traded:

"You know stating that fact, I'm not sure that's accurate information. I don't want to deal in conjecture. I'll leave the business part up to Mark."

- So, probably.

On if he has any concerns about his job security:


- Seemed confident with that answer, but his multiple attempts to tie himself to Dominik and the Glazers on this decision speak otherwise.

On if he is shocked about how quickly the offense went into toilet compared to last November:

"It doesn't matter how I am. This is what we have to do to win games. That's what I believe. So, as to how I feel and all that stuff... any time you gotta make a change after working hard with somebody, it's hard. It's not easy stuff. These are human lives. How do I feel? How does he feel? How does everybody feel? We gotta win games. We're in a production based business. I get it. I think this gives us the best chance to win. That's why we're doing it.

- Schiano has a heart after all. It's purely a business decision.

"We have made several changes around here. I'd say we've made a heck of a lot more changes than we've left things the same. We're not afraid to change, but we don't want to change for change's sake. We change to grow and develop and get better. So that's what I feel we did today."

- He stands confidently by his decision and won't apologize for it. He has changed a lot of things since he took over. He's certainly right about that. He seems to have been angling for this particular change since the end of last season. Hopefully he'll be happy he got his way.