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Mark Dominik explains Buccaneers starting Mike Glennon over Josh Freeman

Mark Dominik explains why the Buccaneers made the change at quarterback.

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While we're waiting for Greg Schiano's press conference later today, Mark Dominik spoke with USA Today about benching Josh Freeman for Mike Glennon. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager noted that going 0-3 this season played a big part in the decision.

"The main thing for us was the performance of the team the last nine games was 1-8 and that's tough,'' Dominik told USA TODAY Sports Wednesday. "He hasn't played well. That's a part of it. If you don't have a quarterback in this league, you don't have a shot. We felt like we'd seen enough of what we needed to see.''

They had seen enough? That's harsh, given that the offense has many more issues than just Josh Freeman.

Mark Dominik went on to say that he felt that the Buccaneers could win the upcoming game against the Arizona Cardinals with Mike Glennon as a "game manager". For that to work they'll have to change their offense to make it easier on the rookie, though, as the Bucs may ask their quarterback to make the consistently toughest throws in the NFL.

The general manager also explained the timing of the move, noting that Mike Glennon could make his mistakes against the Cardinals and then study them during the following bye week. We'll see whether this move works out, but treating your quarterback as a game manager in a scheme that promotes tough downfield throws doesn't sound like a good move to me.

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