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Which Patriot would you add to the Buccaneers?

Give us your opinion on the strengths of the New England Patriots.

Jim Rogash

As we've done in previous weeks, we're doing this article too: which New England Patriot would you add to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, if you could choose one? Tom Brady is the easy answer, and therefore the boring answer. Feel free to say it, because obviously anyone would take Brady -- but I prefer to look at the guys a little farther down the roster.

Rob Gronkowski

Okay, fine, Gronkowski is as much of an easy answer as Tom Brady is. Still, he's the best tight end in football despite repeated injuries. Those injuries are a concern, certainly -- but I'd take Gronkowski with injuries over Luke Stocker without injuries. By the way, Stocker has constant nagging injuries, too. Not his fault -- but it does happen.

Chandler Jones

Hey, guys, want a competent edge rusher? I do. Adrian Clayborn has not looked as explosive as he did two years ago, but has notched two sacks (one of them nullified by a dubious penalty). Clayborn has been pretty good overall, but Chandler Jones would really add some explosive pass-rushing ability to the Tampa Bay defensive line.

Devin McCourty

I just want more pieces in the secondary. Even more. And Devin McCourty would be a really, really interesting piece. He's an outstanding cornerback and an outstanding safety, he can play both positions very well, and I'd love to see what the Bucs' defense could do with Barron, Goldson, Revis and McCourty on the field at the same time. Plus, he used to play for Greg Schiano.

You know what? That's about it. Jerod Mayo would be an upgrade over Mason Foster, but not by a lot. Vince Wilfork is great, of course, and he'd improve the defensive line - but the Bucs already have a great run defense, and he's not the best pass rusher around. Ignoring the quarterbacks, the Bucs really have more overall talent than the Patriots.

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