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Buccaneers decide Revis Island sounds like a good defensive scheme

It only took the Buccaneers two games to come to new conclusions this time.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan has seen the light! Hallelujah! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will stop misusing Darrelle Revis by just plugging him into their zone coverage and giving him safety help when he doesn't need it. No, they will finally get around to putting him back on Revis Island.

"We talked about that after the game," Sheridan said, "and as we go forward, have in the system where you can get that. Where you can get him on a particular guy, even if that isn't happen to be lining up on his side or a particular wide receiver."

Wow! Actual defensive changes!

I just have one question. WHY DID IT TAKE YOU THIS LONG TO COME TO THIS CONCLUSION. Why are you talking about "as we go forward" as if this whole strategy is some kind of revelation for you? I'm no defensive genius, but it takes about three snaps of watching Revis with the New York Jets to get how Rex Ryan used him to change his defense. I wrote about it back in April! What kind of amateur hour nonsense is this? Why do bad things need to happen before you change things?

You know, this has been a pretty frequently recurring theme with this coaching staff. Let's just try something stupid for a few (or a lot) of games while everyone complains. Oh, it isn't working? Shocking! Let's wait a few more games before we actually change anything!

Come on! How did you trade for Revis and just plug him into your system? Why did it take two close losses before you changed anything? That's assuming that you actually will change something this time. Stubborn as mules seems pretty fitting.

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