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Drew Brees attacks Dashon Goldson, Tom Brady loves him

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are drawing comments from across the NFL, with quarterbacks commenting on Dashon Goldson.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Drew Brees does not like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Dashon Goldson, who saw his suspension lifted but was still fined $100,000 for his hit to the head of Darren Sproles. Brees spoke to the Times-Picayune regarding the Buccaneers safety. According to Brees, Goldson "certainly has no regards for rules in the middle" and "is going after guys' heads."

Honestly, I can't really refute that. Goldson routinely hits players high and leads with his helmet. Some of those hits are inadvertent, but I can't remember the last time he made a tackle that came in well below the head/neck area, which is verboten for defensive players to target on defenseless players. It's an issue Goldson will have to fix if he wants to avoid suspension.

Tom Brady doesn't really care, though. In today's press conference he said that Goldson is one of his favorite players. "Because if I were a safety I'd try to play like him. He's a great player."

So there you have it: one great quarterback (implicitly) calls Goldson a dirty player, while the other quarterback thinks he's a great player. In my view, he's absolutely a great player who has to break his tendency after targeting people's heads.

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