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Buccaneers fined $50,000 for personal fouls

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are being punished by the league for their flaunting of the rules.

Allison Joyce

The NFL has fined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers $50,000, according to Fox Sports. Presumably the fines are for the repeated personal fouls over the past two weeks, as the Bucs racked up six of those against the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints.

Dashon Goldson was fined $130,000 over the past two weeks for his hits against Jeff Cumberland and Darren Sproles, and Ahmad Black is likely to get a fine for his hit on Jimmy Graham against the Saints. Goldson  at least managed to avoid suspension. The Bucs have been hitting people hard, but not legally, and they're paying for it as a franchise.

Of course, the Glazers aren't exactly likely to be bothered greatly by the $50,000 fine financially, but it's another black mark for the Bucs in what is turning out to be a completely disastrous start to the NFL season. The Bucs appear to have a circus atmosphere surrounding them, and it's not likely to go away unless they start winning games.

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