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Doug Martin downplays Buccaneers drama, says players-only meeting was to air concerns

Doug Martin downplayed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' issues in an interview with Pro Football Talk.

Al Messerschmidt

Doug Martin downplayed the drama for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while simultaneously admitting that there were concerns. "Everyone's fine with each other and it's just, we all got to hold each other accountable and just picking each other up and keeping anything negative out of the family," the running back told Pro Football Talk.

That all sounds fair enough. Any team is going to have internal issues. There are close to 100 men in that building, if not more, and not everyone is going to like each other or have the same opinions on how to handle things. The problem is that those issues keep getting out of the building somehow. Like the players-only meeting, or the Freeman is an unhappy camper and could seek a trade thing, or the Revis is unhappy deal.

On that note, the Muscle Hamster also told Pro Football Talk that the players-only meeting was held to present any questions or concerns, so that the team captains could present them to Greg Schiano. Again: nothing to worry about, because that's exactly what captains are for. And Schiano has indicated repeatedly that he tries to take his players' wishes into account, and has mellowed his approach this year.

And yet, drama keeps cropping up. Maybe once the Buccaneers start winning, it will disappear. But as we've been saying all along: they'd better start winning.

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