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Dashon Goldson Suspension: NFL considering suspending Buccaneers safety for personal fouls

The NFL is trying to change the game, but Dashon Goldson is refusing to move with them. That could cost him dearly.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Dashon Goldson is a dirty player. I don't think there's any way around that at this point. He has picked up two personal fouls over the past two games, and has a history of aiming for the head of defenseless receivers that goes back to 2010. It's gotten so bad that even John Lynch, notorious hard-hitter and general penalty-critic, was critiquing Goldson's hits against the New Orleans Saints. And now, the NFL could suspend the safety.

The fact that Dashon Goldson refuses to even acknowledge the problematic nature of his hits will not help his plea with the NFL. The NFL considered suspending Ed Reed last season, but eventually rescinded that suspension.

Even more worrying is the fact that this is becoming a club issue, and the NFL has suggested in the past that they could look at discipline focused on teams they believe are not doing enough to stop these kinds of illegal hits. And illegal they absolutely are.

Goldson knows the rules, and then ignores them. That's just stupid, and a suspension may finally wake him up, which would be a great blessing. Because Goldson has been a great addition to the team and an excellent player aside from all those penalties, and he doesn't need to commit those fouls to make an impact.

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