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Greg Schiano doesn't commit to Josh Freeman as starter

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are doing everything they can to fuel the circus atmosphere surrounding Greg Schiano and Josh Freeman.

Al Messerschmidt

Update: Schiano's exact words when asked about Freeman being his starter weren't as harsh: "I see no reason why he wouldn't be. I've got to evaluate the tape, that's out of left field a little bit. I'm not even thinking about that."

Greg Schiano continues to fuel the quarterback controversy in Tampa Bay. According to Gil Arcia of Pewter Report, Greg Schiano refused to commit to Josh Freeman as the starter next week in his post-game press conference. Instead, the Buccaneers head coach said that the starter would be determined after he reviewed the tape -- although Schiano did note that Freeman 'should' be the starter.

That doesn't help to calm the rumors that Josh Freeman is expected to seek a trade. For his part, Josh Freeman flatly denied that he was going to seek a trade in his post-game press conference.

Based on today's game, benching Josh Freeman may be smart. Although Freeman's receivers had several drops and a 73-yard touchdown to Vincent Jackson got called back because of an illegal formation penalty, the Buccaneers quarterback simply wasn't good enough. Going 9/22 for 125 yards, one touchdown, one interception and a lost fumble is ugly. The performance of the passing game was a waste of a great game by both the defense and Doug Martin.

The interception was a bad decision thrown off his back foot. The fumble happened because he held on to the ball too long. Freeman did, at least, have another good drive to end the game, putting the Buccaneers in position to seal the win -- before Greg Schiano went conservative once again, taking the ball out of his hands, and losing the game in the process.

Josh Freeman is now 24/53 (45%) for 335 yards with two touchdowns, two interceptions and four sacks. Even though the skill position have in general not helped him, that's really sub-par. That doesn't mean that Mike Glennon should start, but it's certainly a possibility that should be entertained.

But all of this drama? It's just embarrassing. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers look undisciplined in games, and are the laughing stock of the NFL off the field. And that falls squarely on Greg Schiano's shoulders.

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