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Josh Freeman trade: Quarterback's camp denies seeking a trade

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Josh Freeman are quickly entering damage control mode after a report that the Buccaneers quarterback is expected to seek a trade.


Josh Freeman's 'camp' has issued denials that they do not plan to ask for a trade, according to Roy CummingsMax Luckan and Jenna Laine. Meanwhile, Max Luckan writes that it would take "a lot" for Mark Dominik to trade Josh Freeman. Dominik drafted Josh Freeman to be his franchise quarterback with the first draft pick of his reign as general manager.

By all accounts, the friction point is the relationship between Greg Schiano and Josh Freeman, and Dominik is a supporter of Josh Freeman.

Jason La Canfora's initial report suggested merely that the Buccaneers quarterback is 'expected' to seek a trade, but did not outline who was expecting it. The basis for the expectation appears to be a relationship between Schiano and Freeman that he describes as 'beyond repair'.

The information value of these denials is close to zero, however. Whether or not Freeman is going to seek a trade, it would be unwise for him to distribute that information widely -- that would only harm his chances in Tampa, where he is still the starting quarterback. The Buccaneers, of course, have no control over what Freeman will or will not request.

One other note of concern: Freeman's agent issued a "no comment" to Roy Cummings. That usually means that it is at least a possibility, otherwise a quick denial would be issued.

That's not to say that Freeman will seek a trade. At this point we can't know. We do know one thing, though: the fact that it is even a realistic possibility is devastating enough.

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