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Schiano, Buccaneers say players only meeting was 'pep rally'; Freeman 'overslept'

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are doing some damage control.

Jeff Zelevansky

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have entered full-blown media circus mode. Everything's going to get blown out of proportion, but a lot of that is because the Buccaneers have allowed silly stories to turn into bigger issues simply because of the way they've handled. Which means they now need damage control on, ehm, Josh Freeman oversleeping once.

In today's press conference, Greg Schiano noted that Josh Freeman indeed overslept for the team photo, and then immediately dismissed that as not being all that relevant. Instead, he talked about the close bond he and the quarterback have, and how he trusts Josh Freeman.

So, we've entered damage control mode. A collection of relevant tweets.

Keep in mind that this is day-after stuff, and part of the team's public relations damage control. That doesn't mean anyone here lied, necessarily, but they're surely putting the most positive spin they can on everything to mitigate the circus that has emerged over the past days.

It's fine to be critical of unnamed sources and anonymous reports. We don't know how overblown any of that stuff is. But if you're skeptical of the journalists, it also pays to be skeptical of the players. They have much more to gain by fabricating things than journalists do, whose careers are generally built on accuracy.

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