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Dashon Goldson and Lavonte David fined for hits vs. New York Jets

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had at least two of their players fined for hits against the New York Jets.

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Dashon Goldson was fined an undisclosed amount, but probably well into five figures, for his hit on Jets tight end Jeff Cumberland. That's no surprise: it was a textbook hit to the head of a defenseless receiver, and that was pretty clear on replay. I'm not concerned about the fine: that's Goldson's problem. Though I will be concerned if this escalates and he gets suspended, which is a real possibility for a repeat offender.

What concerns me is what Dashon Goldson said in response to play. Via the Tampa Bay Times:

"The game is tough as it is, and then you got to go ahead and think about what's a clean hit and what's a dirty hit. It is what it is, and we'll get to that when it's time for it."

See, that all sounds good. Tough guy mentality! Hit them in the mouth! Unfortunately, if you don't pay attention to what is a dirty hit and what is a clean hit, you end up with 15-yard penalties that unnecessarily extend drives. And that hit on Cumberland was a perfect example. Goldson had oodles of time to line up his hit -- and he chose to go high. If he aims six inches lowers, there's no issue. There's no flag. It's still a really hard hit, and you still break up the pass. You just don't get flagged for it. This isn't rocket science.

Meanwhile, Lavonte David was fined $7,800 for his late hit on Geno Smithaccording to Jason La Canfora. Lavonte David's fine, though, is a little ridiculous. Yes, the push was late. But there was nothing dangerous or even malicious about it. Yes, it was unnecessary roughness - but not every offense should carry a fine. And something like this really shouldn't carry a fine.

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