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Report: Buccaneers Hold Players Only Meeting Over Freeman's Captaincy

Could the Bucs players be ready to mutiny?

Chris Graythen

Once the Captains were announced, the Buccaneer players apparently held a players only meeting before Sunday's Week One loss to the New York Jets, according to various reports.

Pro Football Talk claims that this players only meeting was regarding mistrust in the way the votes for Captain were tabulated by Head Coach Greg Schiano. As we know, the vote resulted in the removal of the captaincy from quarterback Josh Freeman and we've all heard the reports that Freeman isn't Schiano's guy.

Tampa Bay Times reporter Rick Stroud confirmed with Schiano that indeed, he counted the votes and yes, Freeman didn't make it.

"I know there's a story out there. It's 100 percent false," Schiano told the Times, "The Players know who they voted for."

From the Pewter Report: "Sources also told that there was no players-only meeting at One Buccaneer Place this week following the 18-17 loss to the New York Jets, however there was one prior to Sunday’s game, but the topic discussed had nothing to do with the vote on the captains."

Regardless of the reason for the players only meeting, you have to be concerned that the players have deemed it necessary to exclude the coaching staff and meet amongst themselves this early in the season. Further, the fact that this news has gotten out is an indication that there is a faction within the organization that doesn't agree with the Schiano regime.

Former Buc Anthony "Booger" McFarland said on his afternoon radio show that in studying the game film, it was obvious Schiano did not trust Freeman because it appear that Freeman wasn't allowed to audible out of plays that were obviously not going to work against the defense called - practically setting the offense up for failure.

Pat Kirwan of Sirius NFL Radio has said on multiple occasions that "something doesn't seem quite right down in Tampa."

You have to wonder with these recent developments if there's a rift between the players and their head coach. As we struggle to understand how a team so talented could play so poorly, what seems to be crystal clear is it's not only Freeman's future on the line right now.

Greg Schiano needs some victories and quick before the pirate ship is filled with mutineers.