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Buccaneers vs. Ravens: Tampa Bay's Strongest Player

Who was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' strongest player during their first preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have been embarrassed by the Baltimore Ravens in that 44-16 loss, but they still had some bright spots. The starters actually won 6-0 and held up well, and several individual players stood out positively. So which player had the strongest strongest performance yesterday?

Kevin Ogletree

The veteran receiver led the Buccaneers in yards, grabbing 65 yards on five catches and eight targets. He was the lone bright spot at receiver, really, whereas Chris Owusu turned out to be a massive disappointment. Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson were barely targeted. Ogletree didn't look special, but he was solid and productive, and that was more than you can say of any other receiver.

Demar Dotson

Twenty snaps at right tackle and left tackle and he didn't get beat once. We've heard quite a bit of Dotson hype this offseason, but he looked like he would live up to it yesterday. He was solid in both the pass and the run game, and while Gabe Carimi played well, he didn't get close to Dotson's standards.

Brian Leonard

Leonard was the team's leading rusher, looked good as a pass blocker and got 8 snaps as a special teamer to boot. He ran well, getting 23 yards and a touchdown on 8 carries, and he looked like a solid addition to the team. He should win the third-down back role and may even become the backup running back, too.

Johnthan Banks

Five tackles and one pass defensed. Good start for the rookie, who got some extensive playing time in his first preseason game. Banks didn't get beat, kept the play in front of him in zone coverage and batted away the ball the one time he did get tested. He was physical and aggressive in the run game, and looked like a very good addition to the secondary.

Danny Gorrer

Gorrer didn't get many snaps because he had to leave with a groin injury, but he sure made an impact on those snaps he did get. He grabbed the team's only interception and knocked away another pass to force a punt on the first two Ravens' offensive drives. He didn't look great last year, but he sure had a good first preseason game.

Akeem Spence

There was some agonizing over letting nose tackle Roy Miller sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Spence filled that role beautifully yesterday. He was very stout against the run, and just a little bit more disruptive than Roy Miller against the pass. He was taken out on passing downs, but his overall body of work on the 27 snaps he did get was very impressive.

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