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Buccaneers plan to keep Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon and Dan Orlovsky in 2013

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to keep three quarterbacks on the roster during the 2013 season, which means they don't feel too comfortable about Glennon as the sole backup.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will likely carry three quarterbacks this season, according to Greg Schiano. The head coach noted in his press conference today that he was pleased with third-round rookie Mike Glennon's performance, but apparently not pleased enough to trust him fully to fill in in case of an injury to Josh Freeman. The Buccaneers carried just two quarterbacks last season, with Dan Orlovsky as the backup, and it seems he's poised to be the main backup again this year.

The Buccaneers strangely decided not to give Dan Orlovsky any playing time in the team's first preseason game, instead handing third-year undrafted quarterback Adam Weber some playing time. He promptly threw two interceptions on his first two passes, and managed a whopping seven yards on his other four pass attempts. That won't inspire much confidence.

Neither will Glennon's performance. Although the rookie showed some solid traits, he struggled to get the ball off in time and in general missed too many throws. He completed just 11 of 23 passes for 169 yards and one interception. 61 of those yards came on a blown coverage, although Schiano noted after the game that the interception was caused by a badly run route by Chris Owusu.

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