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Peyton Hillis injured as Ravens lead 31-16 at the end of Q3

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren't looking too good in their first preseason game, as the Baltimore Ravens took a 31-13 lead over the Bucs. Tyrod Taylor marched down the field on their opening second half drive, giving the Bucs' secondary and pass rush fits. Rashaan Melvin lost the ball in the air to give LaQuan Williams an easy, 28-yard touchdown.

A Mike Glennon interception on a bad throw and one three-and-out later, the Buccaneers got some points back, at least. While Chris Owusu continued to look bad, Kevin Ogletree and Derek Hagan did show up for Mike Glennon, who struggled some with his accuracy. The Bucs got a field goal out of that possession, with Derek Dimke hitting his third of the day.

Unfortunately, the Buccaneers have lost Peyton Hillis to a knee injury,