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Buccaneers injuries: Darrelle Revis to play vs. Jets, Crabtree has "significant" ankle sprain

Darrelle Revis returns, but the Bucs have issues at tight end.

Al Messerschmidt

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will miss Tom Crabtree for an undetermined amount of time with a significant ankle sprain, head coach Greg Schiano announced. Presumably this would be a high ankle sprain, which can keep players out for a few weeks or a few months. Usually when they do recover they lose some of their playing ability for a number of weeks. We could observe that in 2011, when Gerald McCoy returned from a high ankle sprain but didn't look remotely like his normal self.

With Crabtree out, the Buccaneers could use some extra help at tight end, but Schiano said explicitly that they would not bring in another tight end.

There is some good news, at least. The Buccaneers expect Darrelle Revis to start against the New York Jets in week one of the regular season. Revis has not participated in any preseason games, but was suited up for yesterday's matchup with the Washington Redskins.

Finally, Schiano commented on two more injuries. Peyton Hillis' apparent ankle injury was not too serious, and Schiano called him "sore". Rookie Rashaan Melvin suffered a hamstring injury, of undetermined severity further eating into the Buccaneers' depth at cornerback.

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