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NFL settle concussion lawsuit with retired players, including 243 former Buccaneers

The saga of concussion litigation is over -- but the entire issue isn't.

Stephen Brashear

The NFL has settled its pending concussion lawsuits with over 4,500 retired players. So, that's the end of that. The NFL is going to pay out some $765 million over the next twenty years, which seems like an awfully low amount for a fairly serious labor issue. Brain damage is no joking matter, and there is some evidence that the NFL was at least negligent on the issue. See, for instance, the issue of Elliott Pellman.

The NFL, of course isn't admitting any wrongdoing with the settlement, at least legally, so this is probably the end of that for the NFL. And now that they've actually started paying attention to the game and trying to prevent some of those head injuries, future litigation is unlikely to occur as well. We have a bunch more details and coverage over at our general NFL News section.

According to the Washington Times, the lawsuit included 243 former Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Dave Moore, Steve DeBerg, Jimmie Giles, Paul Gruber, Simeon Rice, Chidi Ahanotu, Brad Culpepper are a few of the biggest names on the list.

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