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Redskins vs. Buccaneers Preview: Six questions with Hogs Haven

Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven was kind enough to answer a couple of questions on the Washington Redskins ahead of tonight's game.


1. Any under the radar players on offense we should watch out for?

Dezmon Briscoe! Just kidding. The Redskins are looking to add a speed dynamic to their back-field, so rookie RBs Jawan Jamison (Rutgers) and Chris Thompson (FSU) will be getting a lot of opportunities. WR Aldrick Robinson is a real burner as you won't have to look hard for him.

2. Any under the radar players on defense we should watch out for?

Rookie OLB Brandon Jenkins (FSU) has really impressed this summer. Haslett has him rushing with Kerrigan and Orakpo and that has manufactured a lot of QB havoc. Rookie FS, Bacarri Rambo (Georgia), has had an up and down pre-season, but his skill set is undeniable. He'll be making plays for sure, so it won't be hard to miss him Thursday.

3. Are there any Redskins players who could get cut, but who would be good enough to help other teams?

That's a good question. Mike Shanahan said once a good test on on the quality of you roster is by seeing how many teams pick up your cut players. The Redskins have lost a few key backups to IR already, so that means the pool of quality, released players will be minimal. One of the two RBs I mentioned above likely won't make the team. Jawan Jamison hasn't been stellar though. IF you're in the grooming business, there will be some talent.

4. How has Raheem Morris done as the Redskins' defensive backs coach so far?

Raheem has been phenomenal. The passing yards against rating last year was abysmal, but the lack of a pass rush and decent free safety (Madieu Williams) really hung that unit out to dry. They really stepped up though in that 7-game win streak to end the season. The Redskins finished a top-3 defense last year in interceptions.

5. Will Robert Griffin III be ready for the season and will he be back to his old form?

Adam Schefter just reported he is officially starting week 1 vs Eagles. It'll be triple-stamped, no erasies when Dr. Andrews gives it the thumbs up after his appointment with RGIII on Thursday.

6. Can you give us a quick season preview/outlook for the Redskins?

. 11-5. The Redskins have a lot going for them in that they were able to return 23 of their 24 starters from last year (including the two kickers). Continuity is king when it comes to running a successful offense and defense, so all of the tools to return to the playoffs are there. RGIII is healthy and Kirk Cousins has proved a solid backup, so as long as Trent Williams and Barry Cofield stay healthy, the team goal of winning the Super Bowl carries water. Fred Davis and Brian Orakpo are welcome additions back into the lineup after being out the majority of 2012.

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