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NFL Roster Cuts 2013: Projecting the Buccaneers cuts down to 75 players

Which players are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going to release tomorrow?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to cut seven players before tomorrow, 4 p.m. But which players will that be? They've already cut a few and put Anthony Gaitor and Michael Smith on injured. Identifying the next round of cuts doesn't need to be hard, though. Let's start with the easy ones: superfluous specialists.

The Buccaneers currently have three kickers, two punters and two longsnappers under contract. They may want to use the final preseason game to continue evaluating some longsnappers and kickers, but those are a lot of players to hang on to for relatively easy positions. Chas Henry isn't threatening Michael Koenen any time soon, so he's gone. And whether Rian Lindell gets cut or Lawrence Tynes gets placed on injured reserve, one of the two is almost certainly going to cease taking up a roster spot by Thursday.

First two: P Chas Henry, K Lawrence Tynes

Next come the players who didn't get any playing time in Saturday's game. It's important not to read too much into this, as the Bucs may be trying to hide a talented player to sneak him onto the practice squad, but a bunch of the non-injured absentees have already been released. Those that are still hanging around: WR Terriun Crump, guard Adam Smith and linebacker Dom Decicco. They're probably done.

Next three: WR Terriun Crump, G Adam Smith, LB Dom Decicco

Now we need to find just two more cuts. Which players haven't stood out in preseason so far, have not seen good reviews in training camp and got little playing time on special teams? DE Lazarius Levingston and Mason Robinson stood out to me. I'm sad to say that the best name is going to go, but it's what has to be done.

Final two: DE Lazarius Levingston, CB Mason Robinson

That leaves us with the following 75-man roster for the final preseason game. So, which 22 players get cut from that list?

62 Larsen, Ted C 4 North Carolina State
76 Zuttah, Jeremy C 6 Rutgers
74 Wallace, Cody C/G 2 Texas A&M
21 Adams, Michael CB 7 Louisiana-Lafayette
24 Revis, Darrelle CB 7 Pittsburgh
27 Banks, Johnthan CB R Mississippi State
28 Melvin, Rashaan CB R Northern Illinois
29 Johnson, Leonard CB 2 Iowa State
33 Carr, Deveron CB R Arizona State
36 Gorrer, Danny CB 4 Texas A&M
39 Smith, Branden CB R Georgia
50 Te'o-Nesheim, Daniel DE 4 Washington
71 Scott, Trevor DE 6 Buffalo
91 Bowers, Da'Quan DE 3 Clemson
92 Gholston, William DE R Michigan State
94 Clayborn, Adrian DE 3 Iowa
96 Means, Steven DE R Buffalo
65 Masifilo, Matthew DT 2 Stanford
68 Neblett, Andre DT 4 Temple
90 Landri, Derek DT 7 Notre Dame
93 McCoy, Gerald DT 4 Oklahoma
95 Gibson, Gary DT 7 Rutgers
97 Spence, Akeem DT R Illinois
41 Lorig, Erik FB 4 Stanford
66 Allen, Roger G 4 Missouri Western State
75 Joseph, Davin G 8 Oklahoma
77 Nicks, Carl G 6 Nebraska
3 Dimke, Derek K 1 Illinois
4 Lindell, Rian K 14 Washington State
51 Cutrera, Jacob LB 4 Louisiana State
52 Casillas, Jonathan LB 5 Wisconsin
53 Goode, Najee LB 2 West Virginia
54 David, Lavonte LB 2 Nebraska
56 Watson, Dekoda LB 4 Florida State
57 Hayward, Adam LB 7 Portland State
58 Glaud, Ka'lial LB R Rutgers
59 Foster, Mason LB 3 Washington
46 DePaola, Andrew LS 1 Rutgers
48 Economos, Andrew LS 8 Georgia Tech
9 Koenen, Michael P 9 Western Washington
5 Freeman, Josh QB 5 Kansas State
6 Orlovsky, Dan QB 8 Connecticut
8 Glennon, Mike QB R North Carolina State
22 Martin, Doug RB 2 Boise State
25 James, Mike RB R Miami (FL)
30 Leonard, Brian RB 7 Rutgers
33 Hillis, Peyton RB 6 Arkansas
23 Barron, Mark S 2 Alabama
32 Baker, Sean S 1 Ball State
35 Grimm, Cody S 4 Virginia Tech
37 Tandy, Keith S 2 West Virginia
38 Goldson, Dashon S 7 Washington
43 Black, Ahmad S 2 Florida
60 Remmers, Mike T 1 Oregon State
69 Dotson, Demar T 5 Southern Miss
70 Penn, Donald T 8 Utah State
72 Carimi, Gabe T 3 Wisconsin
73 Daniels, Jace T R Northern Michigan
79 Meredith, Jamon T 5 South Carolina
49 Shanahan, Mike TE R Pittsburgh
81 Wright, Tim TE R Rutgers
82 Byham, Nate TE 4 Pittsburgh
84 Crabtree, Tom TE 4 Miami (OH)
86 Noble, Danny TE 2 Toledo
87 Miller, Zach TE 5 Nebraska-Omaha
88 Stocker, Luke TE 3 Tennessee
11 Underwood, Tiquan WR 5 Rutgers
16 Denton, Chris WR R Mount Union
17 Page, Eric WR 1 Toledo
19 Williams, Mike WR 4 Syracuse
80 Owusu, Chris WR 2 Stanford
83 Jackson, Vincent WR 9 Northern Colorado
85 Ogletree, Kevin WR 5 Virginia
89 Douglas, David WR 2 Arizona
98 Morgan, Aaron DE 4 Louisiana-Monroe