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Great footage from Buccaneers commercial surfaces online

Darrelle Revis, Gerald McCoy, Mike Williams and a few others feature heavily in this commercial.

Update: It seems they've taken the video offline, sadly.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers contracted Mutt Industries and a company called Fiction to produce a "visual media package" a few months ago, with the result being a 30-second commercial. Fiction has now put a compilation of raw footage form the shoot, and wrote a big ol' article on the production including lots of pictures.

Mutt Industries, a great agency out of Portland, Oregon called us a couple months ago and asked us to produce and shoot a complete visual media package for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2 weeks. The shoot consisted of 2 massive smoke machines, 20+ different shots, 2 different concepts, 12 different pro football players, all while only getting a half day to shoot with the players. While every shoot has its challenges, this one was particularly challenging given the time frame. If theres one thing about Fiction its that we love taking challenges head on and this shoot was no different.

It's really cool to see the work behind the commercial, and all of the behind-the-scenes pictures. Plus, that whole video reel just gets me pumped up for the regular season. Start already!

All of that work resulted in a pretty cool 30-second commercial, but I think the video at the top is a lot more impressive.

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