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Doug Martin Injury: Buccaneers running back passes concussion tests

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should count themselves lucky that Doug Martin didn't suffer any serious injury.

J. Meric

Doug Martin's head injury doesn't seem to be too serious, as the running back said he passed his concussion tests,via the Tampa Bay Times. The back suffered a head injury after taking a knee to the head from Chandler Jones as Martin was trying to block the defensive end in pass protection.

Had Martin suffered a concussion, his participation in future games would have been in question. As it is, he should be able to play in next week's all-important third preseason game against the Miami Dolphins.

The Bucs had issues moving the ball against the Patriots all game in what was a sloppy and disappointing effort against, admittedly, a pretty good team. If Tampa Bay were to lose Martin for any stretch of time, those issues are going to get a lot worse, given the fact that the Bucs lack a capable backup. The one redeeming factor: Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph should return soon.