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Buccaneers are middle of the pack, financially

The Buccaneers may have some issues with fan engagement, but financially they appear to be fine.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

JC talked about the commitment of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans a few days ago. A few indicators seem to show that the Bucs aren't really engaging their fanbase, and that might be a concern for the future, too.

But things are not so dire, really. The Buccaneers are middle of the pack in terms of revenue and team value, ranking 17th on Forbes' NFL team value list. Forbes' methods are completely obscure, though, and we don't have a clue how accurate their numbers are -- but it's generally accepted as a decent approximation.

The $2.2 million operating income is one of the lowest in the league, but it is a largely meaningless number without some more context. Operating income is mostly an accounting term, and while it's supposed to measure profit, there are numerous ways to manipulate the number. We just don't have the information to say anything meaningful on that number.

The takeaway of all these numbers is fairly simple: while the Buccaneers are doing poorly in terms of tickets sold, at least, they are a fairly healthy franchise financially. With ticket sales trending slowly upward year after year, and early indications on ticket sales being positive for this season, we shouldn't be too worried. Not for the immediate future, at least.

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