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Bucs Nation Radio Episode 2: The Ravens game, Tom Brady's knee and Bowers

JC, Tom and Sander discuss the Ravens debacle, Tom Brady's knee and DaQuan Bowers demotion to second string. Plus - are Buc fans not engaged with the team?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

JC, Tom and the bossman himself Sander discuss the debacle that was the first pre-season game against the Ravens. They also tackle the Bucs-Patriots join practices and the Tom Brady injury as well as DaQuan Bowers demotion.

Plus, are the Bucs fans the least engaged in the NFL?

Episode 2 Line Up

  • Opening
  • Brady injured.
  • Review of the Ravens Game
  • Who Impressed and Who Didn't?
  • DaQuan Bowers' demotion to second string
  • Revis Ready for Miami in PreSeason Wk 3?
  • Are Bucs Fans the worst in the league?
  • Bucs Practice with the Patriots
  • Who needs a good game?
  • Closing Cannon Shots