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Brady Injured During Joint Practice

Tom Brady was injured in a joint practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady injured during joint Bucs Patriots practice
Tom Brady injured during joint Bucs Patriots practice
Al Messerschmidt

Adrian Clayborn accidentally injured Tom Brady today at Foxboro. The play occurred during 11 on 11s when Brady was attempting a pass to rookie Aaron Dobson.  Clayborn bull rushed Nate Solder, who fell into Brady, causing the apparent injury.

Brady fell to the ground and was gingerly holding his leg.  He was able to walk off the field under his own power, after which he talked to the coaching staff and athletic trainers.  He then went back inside and has not been seen since.

The extent of this injury is unknown as of right now, but if he was able to walk off on his own then it is possible that the injury is not that severe.  Obviously, the coaching staff did not want to talk any chances with their star player, which is why he went inside for further evaluation.

This youtube video shows the play where Brady was injured.  Although it was a great rush by Clayborn and it is good to see him playing well, an injury to another team is never something you want to see happen, especially to a player of Brady's caliber.  Whether this injury affects Brady in the preseason game this week should be known soon enough.  But the Patriots also play the Bucs September 22nd at Foxboro, so this injury may end up impacting two of these teams' future match ups.