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Steve White goes off on Buccaneers defensive line stunt

Someone's not happy about a certain stunt the Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue to run.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Remember last season, when we kept complaining that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ruined good rush opportunities with poorly designed and poorly executed blitzes and stunts? Well, that didn't change against the Baltimore Ravens. We saw stunts everywhere, and a number of blitzes as well.

Two of those blitzes hit home, at least, and they didn't look too bad. But the stunts were as torturous as ever. Which set off former Buccaneers defensive lineman Steve White on Twitter, who's been complaining about this stuff for, well, as long as I can remember, really.

I just thought I'd copy his rant, because it's both enlightening and very entertaining. It's also not very safe for work, so there's that.

Here's what it looks like in a picture, from Steve White's post one year ago. Yes, one year ago.

Here's what he wrote about that specific stunt a year ago (go read the whole post, it's enlightening), when the Buccaneers ran it against the New York Giants with no success:

1. It simply takes too long. For McCoy to get to the quarterback or to at least contain the quarterback, he has to loop around three gaps and four players. If the quarterback still has the ball at that point it would probably be a miracle. The only real chance for pressure would be if McCoy and or Bennett beat their men clean and got penetration toward the quarterback. Which leads me to the second reason why I don't like the stunt.

2. When a NFL team is in the shotgun on offense and the back is offset to one side the center usually slides in the opposite direction of the offset back against a 4-3 defense. Because we know this we know the center should slide to Miller which in theory could help him as he tries to make it to the opposite A gap. However as soon as McCoy goes to loop around his guard is going to come with him and end up slamming right into Miller as he did on this play. So now the center and guard are double teaming Miller so his prospects for getting penetration reduce drastically.

Does this sound familiar? It sounds familiar to me.

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