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Buccaneers 2013 Home Schedule: Throwback Game And Other Themes Announced, Tickets on Sale July 17

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have created themes for every single home game this season.

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Mike Ehrmann

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced the throwback game, which is always awesome. This year it will occur September 29, during week four of the regular season when the Bucs face the Arizona Cardinals. That's a bit of an odd choice: no real history between the two teams, and it's not likely to be a very interesting game. Of course, that may be why they made that the throwback game: to give it an extra push in ticket sales to avoid a blackout.

Plus, there's that whole beating-an-opponent thing. Something the Bucs haven't done since they introduced the throwback creamsicle jerseys in 2009 when they faced the Green Bay Packers in Josh Freeman's first start (and win). Division rivals beat them into the ground the past three years in throwback games.

For the first time I can remember, though, the Bucs also have announced special themes for every other home game to boost ticket sales. One of the best games in that respect should be the November 11 game: the Salute to Service theme is good, but Warren Sapp's Ring of Honor induction should be terrific.

Date Opponent Game Theme
Aug. 8 (preseason) Baltimore Ravens Thank You Fans
Aug. 29 (preseason) Washington Redskins Heads Up Football
Sept. 15 New Orleans Saints Back to Football/Kick-Off
Sept. 29 Arizona Cardinals Throwback Game
Oct. 13 Philadelphia Eagles A Crucial Catch (Breast Cancer Awareness)
Oct. 24 Carolina Panthers Pirates/Halloween
Nov. 11 Miami Dolphins Salute to Service/Ring of Honor
Nov. 17 Atlanta Falcons Give Thanks
Dec. 8 Buffalo Bills Play 60
Dec. 15 San Francisco 49ers Faith and Football

So there you have it, another reason to go to a home game -- if you want. Individual game tickets can be bought from the Bucs starting July 17, or from our own ticket affiliate starting right now!.

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