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Which Buccaneer Jersey Would You Exchange?

If you had the chance to trade in your Bucs Jersey for another player - whose jersey would you give up and for whom?


In light of the tragic events in New England, the Patriots have opted to allow fans to exchange the jersey of alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez's jersey for another Patriots team jersey.

While the Buccaneers don't have any character issues of that level (we hope), it brought to mind the question - if you had a chance to exchange your team player jersey for another Buccaneer - who would you give up and who would you get?

Currently, I own two #5 Josh Freeman jerseys (one is a throwback), a #55 Derrick Brooks jersey, #27 LeGarrette Blount and a tattered, old orange #99 Sapp. I've had #20 and #40 in the past but they were worn away to rags. For sentimental reasons, the Brooks and Sapp jerseys are off the table.

The choice would be easy for me, turning in the #27 Blount. But who for? Revis is an obvious choice but until he proves he's fully back it's hard to really make that commitment, even if the Bucs did.

Doug Martin had a brilliant rookie season but we've seen running backs who exploded on to the scene only to quickly fade away (see Williams, Carnell).

Vincent Jackson is a Pro Bowl receiver but on the other side of 30.

I like Gerald McCoy but not enough to own his jersey.

I don't know enough about Dashon Goldson, DaQuan Bowers, Mark Barron or Adrian Clayborn or the other youngsters to warrant a selection.

Since I have my full compliment of #5 jerseys, I'd say I'll go with a LaVonte David #54 jersey. I like the look of this kid - the way he plays and I think he can have a dramatic impact on the defense in the coming years. While he's a rookie and could fall back to the pack of all the young players on the team I feel he's got the best chance to continue to succeed in this defense.

So what's yours? Or are you one of those fans who believes that wearing a jersey is silly? Tell us why!