Why do YOU love the Bucs?

Pretty straight forward question, right? But I, myself, couldn't come up with a conclusive answer. I asked my that question the other day and I started thinking about as I was doing general yard work. "why do I love the Bucs?" Was it the uniforms? Was it the players? Is it because they're an underdog team? Or maybe it was just because they're my hometown team?

Well, if I had give you an answer on the spot i'd have to say it's all those reason and I like how Josh Freeman isn't a cocky sumagun like some QB's in this league. Also I can't stand the Panthers, but I guess that comes with the territory of being a Buccaneers fan.

Anywwaaayyys, enough about mwah, what do YOU love about the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS?

Also i'm adding a poll just for fun, because c'mon, who doesn't like polls?

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