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Ronde Barber joins Buccaneers preseason broadcast team

Ronde Barber will return to talk Tampa Bay Buccaneers this preseason.

J. Meric

WFLA-TV has announced its broadcast team for the three Tampa Bay Buccaneers preseason games it will be broadcasting, and Ronde Barber will be one of the announcers joining veteran Chris Myers. Barber is replacing John Lynch, who has steadily risen to prominence as an announcer with Fox.

Fans seemed to want Ronde Barber to remain with the team in some fashion, but that was apparently never in the cards. Which makes a lot of sense: rather than taking a very busy job with awful hours as a coach or front office executive, Barber prefers a well-paying broadcasting career, something he should excel at.

Barber will be in the booth for the Bucs' home game against the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday, August 8; for the game against the Miami Dolphins in Miami on Saturday, August 24 and for the home game against the Washington Redskins on Thursday, August 29. The Bucs' preseason game against the New England Patriots on Friday, August 16 will be nationally televised and hence will not be produced by WFLA-TV.

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