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Eric Wright fails physical, trade voided, will be released by Buccaneers

With the trade voided due to a failed physical the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will release Eric Wright.


Eric Wright has failed his physical with the San Francisco 49ers, causing his rights to revert to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs will now release the veteran cornerback, as first reported by Pewter Report. The Buccaneers had traded Wright to the 49ers in exchange for a late-round conditional draft pick, but trades are never finalized until the player passes a physical.

Wright's trade and now his release were likely prompted by a DUI arrest. Issues seemed to follow Wright with the Buccaneers, who missed most of last year's offseason with an unspecified illness, was suspended for four games due to (what he claims to be) Adderall use and injuries kept him out of several other games and parts of other games.

This changes little for the Buccaneers, except that they'll have one fewer late-round draft pick next season. None of Wright's salary was guaranteed, so his release doesn't hurt the salary cap. But it does hurt their cornerback depth, which is sorely lacking.

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