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Eric Wright Trade: Buccaneers cornerback depth is lacking

Tampa just traded Eric Wright to the 49ers for a conditional late round pick- which blows up what little corner depth there was on the roster.

I'm hoping for at least a 5th rounder
I'm hoping for at least a 5th rounder

After the Buccaneers restructured Eric Wright's contract for a million and a half, I felt pretty good about having him on the team. As a second or third corner with Revis manning the helm, Wright had an opportunity to demonstrate above average ability. With him off the team, there's no longer any room for injury.

If Revis goes down, Banks and Johnson will most likely be the starters. A rookie and a second year undrafted free agent could potentially be just as bad as last year (save safety play). As much as I was glad to see Biggers walk, I can't help but feel he'd be more capable than what remains behind Banks at this point.

This move clearly demonstrates the confidence Tampa has in Banks' play and Revis' knee. If someone goes down- the defense may not look all too improved from last year.

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