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Darrelle Revis, Adrian Clayborn, Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph will participate in Buccaneers training camp

Greg Schiano talked about injuries, rookies and starters in his press conference today as rookies reported for training camp.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have Darrelle Revis on the field for training camp next week, with veterans reporting on Wednesday, July 24. It's not clear to what extent Revis will be participate, but Greg Schiano said that the veteran cornerback would participate in one way or another. Revis appears to be on schedule to start the season opener when the Buccaneers face Revis' old team in the form of the New York Jets.

According to Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times, the Buccaneers have been overseeing Revis' rehab even as he continued it in Arizona over the past few weeks.

Greg Schiano's press conference today had a few other interesting notes, as he talked about the rookies reporting to training camp today.

Injured players should be ready to go

The Buccaneers will see Davin Joseph, Adrian Clayborn and Carl Nicks participate in training camp from day one, although Schiano declined to say how much they will be allowed to do. The three starters are returning from season-ending injuries and likely won't fully participate early on in training camp, but at least their rehab has progressed to the point where they can engage in some activity. Clayborn had already participated in previous offseason workouts on a limited basis.

Return of the conditioning test

Remember that grueling conditioning test from last year, consisting of 16 110-yard sprints? It's back, and the Buccaneers will have everyone pass it before they can participate in training camp. Rumors abound that the test contributed to a few players leaving the team last season, specifically Dezmon Briscoe and Kellen Winslow. Though not everyone who fails the conditioning test will be cut, of course, but the ones at the bottom end of the roster can't afford to do poorly.

Donald Penn is prepared, at least.

Rookies will have to earn their jobs

Competition, competition, competition. Greg Schiano noted that talent plays a role in who earns a starting job, but that experience matters too. The rookies will have to outperform the veteran incumbents, which is of course what every coach says. Schiano specifically noted that Akeem Spence could win the starting job, but that Gary Gibson was the starter heading into camp.

Schiano called this week "rookie school", which has a nice ring to it.

Connor Barth's loss will be felt

Or at least, that's what Schiano said, who noted that Barth was part of the team's deep field goal strategy. Barth has been outstanding as a kicker and he was definitely an asset -- but Tynes is a quality kicker and the competition with Derek Dimke will be interesting.

And, frankly, given Greg Schiano's conservative fourth-down decision making, maybe being forced to be a little more aggressive could be a good thing.

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