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Buccaneers hire Scott Cohen, promote Shelton Quarles, make other front office moves

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers make some front office moves.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have completely overhauled their personnel department today. Well, not really.They just shuffled some titles, but they did hire two new people. Scott Cohen is now the team's Senior Personnel Advisor, a new position whose role is completely obscure for those of us outside of the organization, while Steve West is now a Scouting Assistant.

Cohen's the most experienced addition to the staff, after working for the New York Jets the past five seasons as an Assistant General Manager. Given that team's mess, those aren't great credentials -- but that doesn't mean that mess was his fault, really. He certainly has plenty of experience, and the Buccaneers claim that he will "handle evaluations and player acquisitions" relating to both the draft and free agency, while he'll also prepare advanced reports for coaches. Which is about as broad a task description as you can think of in the front office.

The Buccaneers also made a few other moves, the most significant of them being Shelton Quarles' promotion to Director of Pro Scouting. He was previously the team's Coordinator of Pro Scouting. Quarles has been with the team in a front office role since 2007 and the former linebacker has seen a steady rise through the ranks. It wouldn't surprise me to see him emerge as a general manager candidate in the near future.

Andre Forde and Tony Hardie were promoted to the position of area scout, responsible for the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions respectively. Finally, the Bucs promoted Mike Greenberg to the role of director of football administration, having been the coordinator of football administration for the past two years. I don't have a clue how this changes any of his responsibilities, but it's good to know, I guess?

I would compare their current group of personnel employees to the new group, but unfortunately they have not yet updated their website, making any such comparisons impossible. Still, the Bucs' theme over the past year has certainly been 'expansion', both in the front office and the coaching staff, so I would expect this to be a continuation of that philosophy.

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