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Buccaneers marketing department should do better

According to one former Buccaneers employee, the Tampa Bay Buccaneeers marketing department is awful at its job.


The Buccaneers struggle to sell tickets. That doesn't make them unique in the NFL, or even unique in Florida, but it does present a certain problem. Former Bucs' operations manager Joe Bussell thinks the marketing department could do a lot more to fix the problem than it is doing now, though.

That's harsh -- but I can't say it's unfair. The Buccaneers have struggled to sell tickets for years, and the marketing plan has to be a part of that problem. That's not to say that fixing marketing will magically fix everything -- and I do think marketing has gotten better under Greg Schiano -- but it will help. Their genius marketing plan for 2009 apparently consisted of sending junk faxes to businesses (and then getting sued for it).

One team to take as an example? The Jacksonville Jaguars, especially under Shad Khan's ownership. They've been aggressive in their marketing and have done a very good job communicating with and catering to their fans. Right now, the Buccaneers do some of that -- certainly more than they used to do -- but not nearly enough.

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