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Buccaneers' Mike Williams was not angry about his contract

Mike Williams' emotional tweets weren't about his contract negotiations with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Adam Bettcher

A couple of days ago, Mike Williams wrote a bunch of tweets that could be interpreted as him complaining about his contract negotiations. We wrote about it, cautiously, as did a bunch of other outlets. Of course, that lead to a bunch of speculation and reaction -- and Mike Williams was getting a little tired of it, so he set the record straight.

Just in case that tweet disappears at some point, the text is as follows:

These guys should stop this reading between the lines stuff if you really want to know...... I'M TALKING ABOUT ME AND MY BABY MOTHER AND HER FAMILY GOING THREW IT just ask and I will tell you what I'm talking about never once mention those words yall talking about I don't even know what's going on don't c how yall do. REMEMBER WHAT "ASSUME" MAKES LOL

And this is why speculation can be dangerous, and harsh judgments based on assumptions even more so. So, the status quo remains: Mike Williams' agent and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still negotiating and Mike Williams wasn't being overly emotional about it. Carry on.

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