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NFL Power Rankings: Buccaneers get widely different rankings

NFL Power Rankings oh joy oh joy oh joy.

Al Messerschmidt

Power rankings time! Oh such good fun. Let's start with SB Nation's NFL un-power rankings, which for some mystical reason reverse the actual power rankings. Kenneth Arthur ranked the Buccaneers 22nd in his Un-Power-Rankings, which would be 11th in a normal power ranking and wow this gimmick makes it a lot more annoying to talk about.

Potentially, we may never have a more perfect example of a cornerback's value than Darrelle Revis joining a defense that finished last in the NFL in passing yards allowed. But he's not alone, since the Bucs also drafted cornerback Johnthan Banks and signed safety Dashon Goldson.

Tampa lost its last 10 games in 2011 and five of its last six games in 2012. Can Freeman and the Bucs finally avoid another late-season fall?

That's a lot more optimistic than I would be, honestly. And not even because the Buccaneers lack quality, but mostly because they're in a tough division with a tough schedule in a tough conference. Winning games is going to be very hard this season, and it seems unlikely that the Bucs get everything lined up correctly to beat opponents.

However, stranger things have happened and if Darrelle Revis can acclimate quickly and Josh Freeman can improve on last season, the Bucs do have the talent to beat a lot of teams this year.

Pro Football Talk had the Buccaneers ranked in the 20s, too. Unfortunately, their power rankings aren't reversed and the 24th ranking really is 24th.

At the same time, there are enough questions up front to make you wonder whether the big expenditures in the back will help.

As good as Revis is, if quarterbacks are never pressured, opponents will find cornerback Eric Wright's guy more easily.

They've done an admirable job of addressing needs, but it's still unclear if they've built on a stable foundation.

That's a lot more pessimistic than I would be. Of course. Because while the Bucs have some question marks, I can find no way to add them up and get to "one of the worst teams in the league" -- barring some epic mental collapse. Which has been known to happen in the Tampa Bay area.

Still, 24th? That's a bit harsh, innit?

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