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Daily Bucs Links: 2014 salary cap issues

All the Tampa Bay Buccaneers news from the past day or so.


Bucs May Face Tough Salary Cap Choices In 2014 | Pewter Report
Unless they don't re-sign Josh Freeman.

With camp coming, here's Bucs' projected starting lineup | Tampa Bay Times
Sounds about right.

Stafford's Extension May Set Parameters For Freeman's Deal | Pewter Report
It will be one of many, many factors.

How to Improve the NFL Network’s Top 100
It's not very good now.

Robert Griffin III, Alfred Morris, and relying on rookies
Rookie production.

NFL Supplemental Draft 2013: No players selected -
Of course not.

NFL Huddle: Matthew Stafford's new deal praised, Matt Ryan will soon be a very rich man -

Rob Gronkowski is 'enjoying life' even more than usual -
Good for him.

Alfonzo Dennard arrest: Patriots release statement on incident -
Maaan the Patriots are having one weird offseason.

Joe Flacco's brother will play Division II football -
Heh. If he has Flacco's arm, he'll make it to the NFL. But he probably doesn't.

NFL will determine Josh Brent's status before training camp starts, per report -

NFL will remove players from games for not wearing knee or thigh pads -
This is stupid.

Buc Rookies to Kick Off Training Camp Season |