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NFLosophy Twitter Account was Buccaneers' operations manager

The (in)famous twitter account was a Bucs employee, which makes a few of his comments on the Bucs a little more interesting.


For almost a year, the twitter account @NFLosophy has fascinated the NFL community on Twitter. And now, we finally know who the man is: Joe Bussell, who worked as the Special Events & Team Operations Coordinator, which essentially means he was responsible for a lot of the daily workings of the team. And that wasn't always easy:

While Joe wasn't directly involved in coaching or scouting, he's repeatedly noted that he tried to learn as much as he could from coaches and the front office side. And that's why his previous tweets on the Buccaneers are so fascinating, because they give a rare bit of fairly good insight into the Bucs' inner workings.

So, I present to you without comment, a few of the more interesting NFLosophy notes on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

And of course, his article on make-or-break candidates, which includes Josh Freeman:

Freeman is going to benefit hugely from an improved defense. He was asked to throw a lot more than the Bucs would have liked in 2012 because of huge point totals put up by opponents. Freeman was asked to keep Tampa in games way too much last year. This season, the addition of Darrelle Revis, Dashon Goldson, and Johnthan Banks should help the Bucs on offense by allowing them to rely more on the run game - which they prefer to do - rather than relying on the big, aggressive arm of Freeman.

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