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Buccaneers Tape Breakdowns: Running game and passing game

Two outstanding tape breakdowns for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers surfaced on the internet the past couple of days.

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

I haven't had much time to do real tape breakdowns lately, but I'm trying to get back it. In the mean time, though, I have two outstanding links for you that show some great Tampa Bay Buccaneers tape breakdowns. The first comes from the excellent Pre-Snap Reads, the same site that brought you some outstanding Revis analysis a couple of months ago.

The site breaks down three run plays the Buccaneers used to get Doug Martin some room, and how Martin made things happen on his own in the open field. It's really an outstanding look at the Bucs' running game and copying any part of it would do a disservice to the article -- I just suggest you go over there and look at it.

Pay attention to Jeremy Zuttah (#76) and Ted Larsen (#62) on those plays, by the way. They're probably the Bucs' two best linemen on the move, and those plays do a good job of showing off their skills and how the Bucs used them to create space for Doug Martin at various point along defensive fronts.

The second article comes from NFL's Future and breaks down one pass play -- and mostly, Josh Freeman's play against the St. Louis Rams. It's a great article that shows you how things may not be as simple as they look at first glance and how distributing blame can be problematic.

Give both of those articles a read. They're worth it.

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